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Hiya! It's been a while, so yeah, the 2nd episode. Hope you liked it. I gotta apologize cuz I had to cut some scenes and reduce Knux fight cuz it was getting too big and it just wouldn't fit. Sorry.
BTW, high school started last month, and this is my (and Speedshadow's) last year, it's kinda sad, cuz my friends and I are going to take separate ways, I won't be able to be with them forever, that's why I'm gonna take my time and enjoy what's left, so I'll have something to remember in the future. Besides, I have a lot of responsibilities, homeworks, class projects, tests, national exams, and I gotta start looking for a college. That doesn't mean we're gonna stop the series, it'll just take more time.

So, well, I guess that's all. See you soon, and good luck! :D

Hiya! I hope you liked it. This one didn't have much action, but next one does. OMG, Tails is going to face Metal Sonic, is he going to be OK? Find out in the next ep.

It's really funny how this project started. You see, it began with a Powerpoint presentation that speedshadow made, sounds weird, huh? By that time, I was just starting with Flash, and so, I made my first project about it. And then at the beggining of this year, with much more experience with Flash, we decided to remake it and so, our new project began. It took us a lot of time, due to high school and stuff.

We're working on the next ep, so wait for a while, OK?

New flash movies

2007-10-23 22:06:46 by speedteirusu

Hiya! It's been a long time since speedsonikku and me submitted a flash movie, but soon, we'll submit our most recent project: Sonic Union (working on the title XP) We have actually finished the first episode, but we're still working on some details. About the story, Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Knuckles are going to be the main characters, Amy, Cream and the Chaotix (Espio, Vector and Charmy) are going to appear as well, we're planning to include other characters, too. The main villain is going to be Metal Sonic. About the episodes, I think they'll be 4 or 5, but they could be more. We're always trying to improve, so we hope you'll like it ;)