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2007-10-23 22:06:46 by speedteirusu

Hiya! It's been a long time since speedsonikku and me submitted a flash movie, but soon, we'll submit our most recent project: Sonic Union (working on the title XP) We have actually finished the first episode, but we're still working on some details. About the story, Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Knuckles are going to be the main characters, Amy, Cream and the Chaotix (Espio, Vector and Charmy) are going to appear as well, we're planning to include other characters, too. The main villain is going to be Metal Sonic. About the episodes, I think they'll be 4 or 5, but they could be more. We're always trying to improve, so we hope you'll like it ;)


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2007-11-11 17:44:24

Sounds cool, looking forward to seeing them. ;)

speedteirusu responds:

Thanks, I'll submit the 1st ep as soon as I fix some problems. I'm doing my best as a beginner, hope you like it ;)


2007-11-16 16:43:30

Sweet. Whatever it will be like I bet I'll like it. Or if by any chance I won't, who am I to critizise you, I'm also a beginner with flash. XD I'm way better with sprites. :P

(Updated ) speedteirusu responds:

Really? You are a rookie, too? I didn't think so, your flash movies look very well done for a beginner, they're like awesome and wow. By the way, I read your posts too, I'm eager to see any flash movie you submit. And remember, I'm rooting for you Go Tarnish Go!
P.S: It doesn't matter if you don't like my movies, I won't get angry or anything. I really like constructive criticism, by the way. :)


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