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About Metal Sonic Strikes Back Ep. 1...

2007-11-24 15:21:53 by speedteirusu

Hiya! I hope you liked it. This one didn't have much action, but next one does. OMG, Tails is going to face Metal Sonic, is he going to be OK? Find out in the next ep.

It's really funny how this project started. You see, it began with a Powerpoint presentation that speedshadow made, sounds weird, huh? By that time, I was just starting with Flash, and so, I made my first project about it. And then at the beggining of this year, with much more experience with Flash, we decided to remake it and so, our new project began. It took us a lot of time, due to high school and stuff.

We're working on the next ep, so wait for a while, OK?


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2007-12-04 07:01:57

Heh, I wonder how will Tails do against Metal Sonic..probably better than how Sonic Team would do a scene like this...

speedteirusu responds:

Of course, Tails won't lose so easily :D


2007-12-09 02:23:54

"A man must wait go get what he wants. If he can't wait then he gets nothing." Anyways, always looking forward to see flash movies that people make (as long they are not making fun of the great charaters) Oh and if Tails is going to fight Metal Sonic he ain't going down without a fight! So good luck making that flash and can't wait to see it. YEA!!!!!

speedteirusu responds:

I'm glad you're looking forward to see them, I obviously won't make fun of ANY Sonic character (except Eggman, maybe). Oh yeah, Metal Sonic is gonna have a rough time fighting against Tails. Thx for your comments, dude. :)